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Label Emmaüs

La boutique en ligne avec vos valeurs

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LA Boutique En Ligne

A second life for objects, a second chance for people

Emmaüs has historically been into recycling, recovery and the resale of objects.

In a need to modernise the movement, several options were discussed. While staying true to its original promise, what if Emmaüs launched an e-commerce platform ?

Now a reality, it has a name, a logo and a signature

Label Emmaüs,
la boutique en ligne avec vos valeurs


Label Emmaüs

Available anytime, everywhere

The website, designed by bearideas and our friends at Studio GD, is in responsive design, to allow for usage on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.



A complementary team

brought together for a good cause

The platform was developed by Ecedi, relying on the Izberg marketplace solutions and the Magento e-commerce CMS.