In this time of crisis, we too are trying, in our own way and on our own scale, to contribute to the general solidarity effort.

And if our mobilization can make it possible, beyond accompanying you in these difficult times, to support projects and commitments likely to move society forward, we will have the feeling that we have fulfilled our mission a little more.

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Primonial – a major European player in investment and asset management

Redesign of the Primonial group companies websites

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the issue

Primonial, 1st wealth/asset management independent group, offers to both public and private investors innovative solutions for their investment: life insurance, real estate, asset management, derived production…

In 2014, the Group marketing department called on bearideas to redesign and create several of its companies websites.

The challenge: how to update and standardise the image of these companies, while keeping their own identity? How to simplify the management and the updates of different platforms by the marketing teams?

bearideas' solution

Since 2014, bearideas accompanied the Primonial marketing teams and more specifically its brands, in the creation and redesign of their websites.

On the agenda:

  • Definition of an iconographical and graphical territory while respecting the existing stories and codes to each company.
  • Conception, creation and development of showcase websites, news platforms, newsletter generation tools which allow the brands to be independent in their content management.