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2017 & 2018 Annual Reports
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Assystem Technologies becomes Expleo

positioning and worldwide launch for the new global brand

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the issue

In February 2019, Assystem technologies became Expleo.

Assystem Technologies and its affiliates SQS, Automotive Solutions Germany, Engineering Partner Solutions and Plast Concept, relaunch under a new brand, embodied by a new name ‘Expleo’, logo ‘the Lens’ and tagline “Think bold, act reliable”.


How to make this global brand launch a unique moment, to federate the Group’s 15,000 employees under the new banner and take advantage of the launch to reposition the Company and strengthen its image?



bearideas' solution

Let’s embark on a journey into boldness

A digital platform has been depoyed over 3 weeks, embarking & entertaining employees into a journey into boldness, through 3 main quizzes. The purpose? Tease employees about the brand reveal.

On launch day, employees were invited through an amil from CEO Olivier Aldrin to connect on the platform (revamped into the new band colors) to discover the new Group identity & positioning.

The launch campaign

The launch of the new identity was supported by an advertising campaign. In February 2019, this campaign was deployed in Expleo’s top 3 markets, i.e. France, the UK and Germany, across social and traditional media channels including print, online and radio.

The creative concept of the campaign illustrates the brand’s new “Think bold, act reliable” signature. The key visuals reflect the support that Expleo provides to its clients, from the R&D and design phase to the concrete execution of the most advanced and critical technological projects, with a focus on the automative, aerospace, and financial services sectors.

The brand manifesto


The ad campaign was launched in parallel with an employer-brand campaign which aims to accelerate the recruitement of more than 5,000 people worldwide in 2019 as part of the Group’s growth strategy.

Create a unique moment for employees

All over the world, on February 6, 2019, the countries of the Expleo Group celebrated the launch of the new brand. Each employee was given an Expleo welcome kit.