In this time of crisis, we too are trying, in our own way and on our own scale, to contribute to the general solidarity effort.

And if our mobilization can make it possible, beyond accompanying you in these difficult times, to support projects and commitments likely to move society forward, we will have the feeling that we have fulfilled our mission a little more.

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Fighting for a supportive and inclusive society

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the issue

As the first union of French associations representing and defending the interests of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, Unapei is a daily activist for an inclusive and supportive society.

In 2018, the association seeks to gain visibility and communicate in a resounding way around the isolation of families, volunteers and professionals who accompany people with intellectual disabilities.

Two questions then arise:

  • How to develop the visibility and notoriety of the association in order to guarantee the impact of its future actions ?
  • How can we sensitize and mobilize the actors of today’s society around a sensitive societal topic, too often neglected and yet very real ?

bearideas' solution

To allow everyone to better understand the reality of isolation and the obstacles faced by parents, volunteers and professionals, Unapei, alongside bearideas, launched an advocacy campaign to alert people to this scandal. With the #avecnous campaign, Unapei lays the foundations for a new concept of global communication, which will later become the “signature” of the association’s statements.

The objective is also to position the association as a “committed citizen movement” and to make the network (550 associations throughout France) want to take ownership of the content of the campaign.

#avecnous - denounce

#avecnous is an interpellation campaign that raises awareness among a large public, directly or indirectly affected by the topics related to intellectual disability. The campaign is comprise of:

  • the#avecnous manifesto: it embodies the heart of this campaign, used both in posters and press ads;
  • a free press and display media campaign thanks to more than a dozen media. Among them are: Prisma Media, Figaro Media, M Publicité, Lagardère, Amaury Média, Next Publicité, Le Point Pub, So Press, Teamedia, Webedia, JC Decaux, …
  • a book of 50 testimonies that unveil situations that can no longer last. Addressed to 2,500 opinion leaders, it aims to raise their awareness and take action to build a more inclusive society, by sharing 41 means of action;
  • a dedicated site ( on which testimonies and means of action are also relayed;
  • a poster campaign carried out directly by Unapei member associations on their territory.

As a treat, a motion design of the #avecnous campaign.

#avecnous - embody

Secondly, #avecnous is also a campaign that aims to give a voice to carers and families of people with intellectual disabilities. This is why the agency wanted to highlight the bonds of solidarity that unite parents, carers and professionals with people with intellectual disabilities.

A resolutely positive campaign that is still alive today via a free media display in the national and local press, on display and billboards. A communication kit (posters, press releases, visual social networks) was also made available to associations at the local level so that they could take a full part in the campaign by relaying it and mobilizing their own network.

#avecnous, finally, is a means to raise awareness around specific causes defended by Unapei: the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, the back to school period, “Caregiver“ Day…

#avecnous - a concept that can be adapted

The back to school campaign

On the occasion of the start of the school year, #avecnous aims to raise awareness among decision-makers and the general public about the lack of access of children with disabilities to the educational world (or unsuitable).

This operation consists of:

  • an Open Letter to Members of Parliament published in the Journal Du Dimanche;
  • a video in partnership with Loopsider posted on social networks on the first day of school: an interview of two mothers of children with disabilities, who fight daily to keep their children in school;
  • a street-art work designed in partnership with the collective Le Mouvement, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. This creative expression aims to raise awareness on “the right to school for all”. A video recording of the collage was also produced and broadcast on Unapei’s social networks the day after the start of the school year;
  • a communication kit (posters, press announcements, visual social networks), made available to local associations to ensure wide mobilization and coverage of the operation throughout the first week of the school year.

The operation set up for this occasion was particularly well publicized and received many reactions, including a record engagement of Internet users on social networks.


a campaign with a strong resonance

The campaign is still running, and the best result is the trust Unapei has placed in us by making bearideas their reference agency until the end of 2020. In addition to this mark of trust, #with us it is for Unapei:

  • a dynamic and rejuvenated image;
  • a record commitment from the association’s members;
  • an unparalleled media mobilization;
  • an increase and diversification of the number of speakers of the association;
  • concrete government action;
  • many positive results that demonstrate more than ever a real need to continue this fight.

Discover the #avecnous website