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Beyond Ratings

A new identity for Beyond Ratings

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the issue

Since 2014, Beyond Ratings has been positioned as a consulting structure specialising in sovereign risk analysis. With the decision to extend its activity to financial rating, the company is moving from a single offer logic to a double offer.

It is in this context, to enhance its difference and strengthen its attractiveness, that Beyond Ratings has decided to redefine its brand architecture, positioning and identity.

bearideas' solution

bearideas has devised a strategy to break with the sector’s institutional conventions: a militant positioning, embodied in a committed speech and a raw and modern visual identity.

In addition, the colours, typographical and iconographic principles developed aim to limit inking on printed media… an identity designed to be ecological, economical and visually effective, to remain in line with Beyond Ratings’ positioning.

key results

The creation developed for Beyond Ratings allows it to embody a new vision, that of a world more aware of social and environmental capital, climate and energy risks. A world in which finance would be an instrument for the transition to a circular economy.

This positioning and this new identity above all fulfills the two main initial objectives:

It allows Beyond Ratings to stand out strongly from mainstream finance. It maintains an expert and committed professional image to convey to its clients an image of seriousness and stability that is dear to the financial analysis market.

The visual identity developed for Beyond Ratings won Gold at the Grands Prix Strat├ęgies du design 2019.