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The business game for Expanscience laboratories

#internal #businessgame

the issue

Expanscience, an independent French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics laboratory, develops and manufactures innovative osteoarthritis and skincare products.

Nearly 1,000 employees work on various sites for its different brands, in France and other countries.

The question was :

  • how to showcase the collective dynamic and the complementarity that exists between the different expertise teams and the different business units,
  • and how to strengthen the collaborative spirit and the confidence in the collective force that makes Expanscience a leader.

bearideas' solution

Get the employees involved in an online, real-life business game.

An experience open to everyone: with teams comprised of people recently arrived in the company as well as more seasoned employees.

A role-playing game in which the participant is successively spokesperson for his or her unit and also represents another company skills set.

A commitment in the form of a contest: the rationale behind gaming is based on contests that focus on corporate challenges.