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Digital Transition Up

Demain le quotidien

Creation of a multi-channel brand content campaign

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the issue

One year after a first advertising campaign to reveal the Group’s new name and promise, a twofold necessity has emerged :

  • How to extend and amplify the presence of Groupe Up to reinforce its notoriety ?
  • How can we nurture and illustrate the brand’s promise in an original way (it feels good every day) by engaging the Group’s audiences ?

The agency has devised a multi-channel brand content campaign to enable the Up brand to make its areas of intervention known and to demonstrate Up’s ability to anticipate and respond to the changing needs of consumers and society.

The campaign was displayed through three channels.

bearideas' solution

The angle of attack adopted by the agency: “tomorrow is already today”.

1- the short program
An optimistic, smiling and benevolent short programme in the form of an animation composed of 40 original episodes broadcast on France 2 from Monday to Thursday for 5 months. This programme aims to inform the various stakeholders, to make them react and inspire them around the “little” moments of tomorrow’s life.

2- the digital platform
A platform that relays the episodes of the program runs by taking up the different themes of the brand. Each episode is enriched with exclusive content built in partnership with Usbek&Rica: long articles, short stories, interviews and quizzes.

3- the radio campaign
A broadcast on France Inter that develops the Up topics discussed during the TV program Demain le Quotidien through 45-seconds chronicles, twice a week for 7 weeks.

key results

Results were above expectations with:

  • A TV audience of more than 2 million viewers every night
  • A 15 point increase in awareness of the Up brand.

Discover some of the videos made for this campaign :
Remue-ménage en famille
Du jardin à l’assiette