In this time of crisis, we too are trying, in our own way and on our own scale, to contribute to the general solidarity effort.

And if our mobilization can make it possible, beyond accompanying you in these difficult times, to support projects and commitments likely to move society forward, we will have the feeling that we have fulfilled our mission a little more.

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Turning the company's purpose into an Annual Report

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the issue

On 7 June 2018, the Groupama Group turned an important page in its history by changing its status, signalling a return to its fundamentals and its new ambitions around mutualism.

This remutualization has given rise to the Group’s structuring element that sets the Group’s main orientations for the coming years: their raison d’être (purpose).

“We are here to allow as many people as possible to build their lives in confidence.”

Each of the words in it has meaning and is translated into actions, commitments, solutions and innovations.

bearideas' solution

bearideas has proposed to Groupama that its 2018 annual report should be the lever for asserting importance and relevance of this raison d’être, and thus make it known to all its stakeholders, by making the raison d’être the pillar around which the entire document is organized.

Groupama RA 2018: a story based on the raison d’être that prefigures the cover and in which each group of words refers to part of the subject, fuelled by the facts that marked the year 2018 for the Group.

An original manufacturing technique: hot stamping and silkscreen printing, to highlight the raison d’être and to creatively and concretely translate the latter’s anchoring within the Groupama Group.

The annual report has been translated into a brochure and poster version in French and English for internal and external collaborators and partners.  And accompanied by a communication in the form of posts on the Group’s social networks.

key results

This annual report and its versions have become the reference documents of this year 2019 to definitively set the new raison d’être of the company in stone.


Original idea and copy writing : bearideas
Design : Angélique Blanchard –