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Valeurs Actives - What if you had the power to invest?

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the issue

In 10 years, Valeurs Actives has become one of the biggest independent players in wealth management advice for individuals.

In early 2017, the brand started a new development phase and wanted first to renew both its identity and positioning to highlight its difference and strengthen its attractiveness.

Two questions arise:

  • How to narrate Valeurs Actives’ story in a consistent, clear and concise way?
  • How to rethink its graphical system to restore meaning and signs?

bearideas' solution

In co-construction with Valeurs Actives’ teams, bearideas has developed a new brand voice. A brand voice focused around one main idea, consistent with the brand’s founding idea and the approach used ever since:

what if Valeur Actives’ true mission was to make property investment more accessible?

Faced with an audience that is looking for an ideal solution to pay less taxes and build wealth while limiting risk, we have given concrete evidence that with Valeur Actives, it is possible to regain control over your money and to take the power to invest.

key results

To give life to this tale, the visual identity has been totally redesigned. Modern and colorful. It makes a clear break with the sector’s usual graphic codes, more statutory and classic.

Sales have been redefined and all offers renamed to strengthen the notion of empowerment at the heart of the brand promise.

For every customer contact point, from the commercial brochure to the website, the brand delivers a strong message and spreads a consistent and powerful identity.

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