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Kuoni starts with a K

Creation of a new offer and brand positioning.

#branding #positioning #identity

the issue

After the French Kuoni takeover, the brand wishes to renew both its identity and positioning.

Kuoni’s brand expression was torn apart by 2 contradictory challenges:

  • Embody its elementary identity, based on demand and quality service;
  • Openly position itself on the price to meet a strong market trend fueled by the boom in online offers.

The challenge was to create in parallel to its current offer, a white label with entry-level price.

bearideas' solution

bearideas accompanied Kuoni in its brand structure architecture. Kuoni’s brand, especially its high range positioning, has been strengthened.

To meet the strong trend of affordable trips, the girl brand ‘’ K ‘’ has been created. It’s the gateway of Kuoni universe and its other offers up to the premium tours.

The ‘’K‘’ brand hold an ‘’access’’ offer form with minimum price packaged trips while keeping its quality demands.

K, for Kuoni first letter.

K, Kuoni universe gateway.

key results

A campaign communication was developed for BtoC and BtoB targets through the concept ‘’Kuoni’s trips begin with a K’’.

A complete communication system: from edition to poster campaigns and digital and media campaigns.