In this time of crisis, we too are trying, in our own way and on our own scale, to contribute to the general solidarity effort.

And if our mobilization can make it possible, beyond accompanying you in these difficult times, to support projects and commitments likely to move society forward, we will have the feeling that we have fulfilled our mission a little more.

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The Up times - Large public event

the issue

How do we increase the brand visibility to its final product users: the general public, with a main target of 25-45 year old workers?

How to embody the group values and its signature “making every day better”?

bearideas' solution

bearideas with the Up group conceived and organized a one day event at la Défense which allows anyone who wants to come and experience a good time in a dedicated open space “#TheUptimes”.

The agency accompanied Up from the design, planning and organisation of the event: social media take over, creation of a cubic structure custom made within a 200 square metres dedicated space with friendly atmosphere, care provided by professionals, a vinyl bar, flowers to offer and more, games with “times even more Up” to win and share with friends and family.

All day long, workers from la Défense were able to meet Up through a fun and friendly experience in a casual manner: a true metaphor of the benefits given every day by Up products to its users.

A day that gives shape to the group’s signature style: Up – making every day better!

key results

13 uninterrupted hours of Up services and presence at la Défense
with a 280 square me-tres of private space.

1 communications campaign with an impact of 180 000 views,
on a main target (employee) reached at 73%.

596 visitors benefitted from snacks,
animations and services offered

133 participants
to the game “Up times”

7 people won an Up time
on that same night.