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Randstad's online datalab to decipher work trends

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the issue

As a world leader in human resources services, the Randstad group leverages a wide variety of knowledge and studies regarding employment, economic trends, gender equality, job figures, and the outlook for work.

How can we use these studies and data to grow Randstad’s corporate image and expertise in the media and among opinion leaders?

bearideas' solution

bearideas helps Randstad imagine, create and animate re.sources: both an online platform and a datalab dedicated to deciphering the working world.

Convinced that it’s simpler and more efficient to understand the world through data, re.sources publishes a wide range of articles, expert interviews and its own studies, using data-visualization.

key result

Since its launch in mid-2014, its audience has kept growing, attracting thousands of visitors every month. To help its analysis and articles resonate, re.sources lives a double life on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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