In this time of crisis, we too are trying, in our own way and on our own scale, to contribute to the general solidarity effort.

And if our mobilization can make it possible, beyond accompanying you in these difficult times, to support projects and commitments likely to move society forward, we will have the feeling that we have fulfilled our mission a little more.

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ready for the resource revolution

Positioning and worldwide launch for the new global brand

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the issue

SUEZ is the world’s second-largest water and waste management company.

In March 2015, all of the Company’s brands were brought together under a single banner in 70 countries, replacing 40 traditional local brands.

The issue was how to make this launch of the global brand an unforgettable moment, to federate the Company’s 80,000 employees under the new banner and to take advantage of the launch to reposition the Company and strengthen its image.

bearideas' solution

Rather than just announcing the brand, we decided that all internal and external stakeholders should embrace a new corporate vision through a new brand signature:


ready for the resource revolution

the Resource Revolution Tour

A series of global events on the topic of resources, organized in a 24-hour period:

  • 3 cities (Paris, New York and Beijing),
  • 13 high-level speakers,
  • an audience comprised of local and international opinion leaders.

700 opinion leaders attending the event in the three cities.

180,000 contacts reached before the launch.

8,000 live-stream connections.

714 connections to the digital newsroom.

In collaboration with Momentys and ElanEdelman.

the launch of a brand content program

To involve stakeholders before the conferences:

  • a special website was created to promote the event with an editorial section (in English and French),
  • a twitter account was opened (@open_resource) for the purpose of federating the community around these events.

53,000 unique visitors in one month, before and during the event.

120,000 pages seen.

#rrtour was used 1,758 times and over 2,500 tweets were sent about the introduction of the single brand.

In collaboration with ElanEdelman.

a global media campaign

For the reveal of the single brand, a campaign has been rolled out in the media and in-display video ads, to strengthen the image of SUEZ and awareness of the Company.

Economic and political decision-makers and opinion leaders in 16 countries were targeted.

In collaboration with Les Ateliers Devarrieux.

the new brand’s campaign website

The campaign’s website, to provide all the details on the new corporate vision and the new positioning

160,000 unique visitors in 7 days.

It was awarded a Gold TOP COM Grands Prix Corporate Business, Corporate communication strategy and a Global communication program award Honorary Prize from Communication & Entreprise UJJEF.